Glenman’s experience in design and build, traditional contracting, refurbishment and fit-outs gives us a strong competitive edge. Our expert team works with an extensive network of professional sub-contractors. We utilise the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure we deliver a superior building service across a broad range of sectors including hotels and leisure, residential, commercial, education, healthcare, conservation, public buildings and civil works.

New design and build
With our building capabilities and innovative design approach, Glenman has successfully delivered a number of design and build projects to the highest standard in both new and existing buildings in Ireland and the UK.

Traditional building contracts
Our success in securing traditional building contracts in the procurement and tendering process, is attributable to the experience and expertise of our staff, the quality of the finish and the high value we offer clients.

Rapid build
Glenman Corporation has successfully carried out rapid build projects in Ireland and is presently on the Office of Government Procurement Framework for the provision of rapid build social housing.

Abiding by the principle of minimum intervention, our experts have the experience required to deliver conservation projects to the client’s satisfaction, while protecting the integrity and heritage of the original structure.

Sustainability is a critical part of Glenman Corporation’s ethos. Our business depends on our ability to deliver quality, eco-friendly buildings that respect the environment, local communities and benefits end-users. Our approach ensures the end result is cost effective, energy efficient, reduces waste and protects our natural surroundings for future generations to enjoy.

Digital construction
Glenman utilises the power of Building Information Modelling (BIM) to deliver optimal design solutions, maximise collaboration and achieve substantial cost and programme efficiencies. Through the use of advanced digital tools within a common data environment, Glenman can improve the whole process of delivering, operating and maintaining the built environment at all stages of each asset’s lifecycle.