NUI Galway AHU Upgrade


National University of Ireland Galway

Main Contractor

Glenman Ireland




Murray O’Laoire  – Architects
Davis Langdon PKS – Quantity Surveyors
Varming Consulting Engineers – Services Engineer

Project Description

The works were carried out on top of the Central Concourse Building at NUI, Galway, This area forms the central hub of the University. The building is registered as a protected structure due to the fact that it is one of the few buildings in the country where the structural support of the entire building also forms its external façade in the shape of an exoskeleton.
This project involved the replacement of 6 Air Handling Units to the Building. The project required the installation of a new Natural Gas service main, gas detection system, and links to the existing Building Management System.
The Gas pipeline could not be fixed directly to the structure itself as it is protected. It was decided to connect these services via a link to the IT Building which itself is not protected.
All works were carried out, outside of normal working hours and at weekends to ensure no  interruption to the use of the building by staff and students alike.

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